Do It! Selling

David Newman

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Take your Sales to the Next Level.

Learn from sales expert David Newman about the ins and outs of capitalizing on selling opportunities.

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David Newman

David Newman is the author of the business bestseller "Do It! Marketing and his new book, "Do It! Selling" ( has worked at the intersection of marketing, sales, and professional services since 1992 and counts 44 of the Fortune 500 among his clients and audiences. Free resources, training, and tools are waiting for you at!

Overcoming Sales Objections Course

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • create a high-performance sales mindset to achieve your goals
  • sell yourself and your ideas with confidence and clarity
  • develop and execute a sales strategy that is tailored to your unique strengths and skills
  • build long-lasting relationships with your clients and customers
  • leverage technology and social media to reach more prospects and close more sales

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