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Julie Hansen

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Take your Sales to the Next Level.

Learn from sales expert Julie Hansen on how to sell on any video platform.

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Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen is the author of three sales books, the soon to be released "Look Me In The Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners, & Teams," "ACT Like a Sales Pro!" and "Sales Presentations for Dummies." Her Acting for Sales blog has been named a “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blog” for seven years running.

Overcoming Sales Objections Course

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Creating a powerful opening for your video to grab the viewer's attention and engage them from the start
  • Developing a clear and concise message that communicates the value of your product or service effectively
  • Understanding how to use body language, tone of voice, and eye contact to convey confidence, credibility, and trustworthiness on camera
  • Overcoming common video selling challenges, such as technical difficulties, distractions, and lack of feedback
  • Using storytelling techniques to make your message more memorable and emotionally resonant with your audience
  • Closing the sale effectively by asking for the viewer's commitment and addressing any concerns or objections they may have

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