The Buyer-Focused Sales Funnel

Peter Strohkorb

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Take your Sales to the Next Level.

Learn from sales expert Peter Stohkorb on the buyer-focused sales funnel.

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Peter Strohkorb

Peter Strohkorb is the Founder and Principal of Peter Strohkorb Advisory, the International Sales Acceleration Advisory firm with a growing list of clients in the B2B services and tech space in the US, Australia, and in the UK.

Overcoming Sales Objections Course

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • align your sales process with your buyer's journey to create a more effective and efficient sales funnel
  • identify and prioritize your best prospects using a buyer persona framework to create a targeted sales strategy
  • create engaging and relevant content that speaks directly to your buyer's needs at each stage of the sales funnel
  • use technology and automation to streamline your sales process and improve lead nurturing and conversion rates
  • measure and analyze the success of your sales funnel using key metrics and analytics to continually improve and optimize your strategy

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